Our Story


Here's a little about us & what we love:


Jack Taylor

Loves weekend trips away, drinking tea, is fascinated by space & cosmology, listens to music every single day, reads up on the latest trends in technology, plays the piano, eating as much bacon as possible, keeping in contact with old friends, playing card games, sunrise & sunsets, camping, salted popcorn, surfing, researching, watching movies & of course capturing the beauty of nature with his camera. 




Jade Hughes

Loves many types of cheese, fashion, chatting away to anyone who will listen, staring out the window on a stormy day, shoes, organisation, fresh air, being productive, cats, old friends & new friends, Africa, standing at the top of a mountain, reading, romance, helping those in need, winter wardrobes, apple products, staying up too late, dachshund puppies, setting new goals & living life to its fullest. 


Together we love mini-adventures, getting lost in nature and discovering the next amazing view. When at home we spend far too much time talking about food and debating which movie we will end up watching that night. 

We both grew up with camera obsessed dads where photographs were taken at every opportunity. Naturally we developed the same habits in our own lives, we're constantly recording special moments and love curating stories through the art of photography. 

We are currently based in the beautiful city of Bristol and are more than happy to travel across the UK to capture your special day.